Report Archive (2011-2013)


 6/20/13 Cantebury, NH
Triangle Shaped UFO Being Follwed By Two Red Lights (MUFON)

Witness Drawing :

 6/2/13 Hopkinton, NH
 Bright Star Like UFO Seen Stationary Then Descending (MUFON)

 5/7/13 Walpole, NH
 Red and Green Pulsating Star Like UFO Videotaped (MUFON)

 5/4/13 Manchester, NH
 UFO Spotted Flying in Circles (NUFORC)

 5/1/13 Merrimack, NH
 Multiple UFO's Spotted (NUFORC)

 4/25/13 Wolfeboro, NH
 UFO With Multiple Lights Hovering (MUFON)

 4/22/13 Claremont, NH
 Red Blue and White UFO Pulsating and Hovering (MUFON)

 4/21/13 Dublin, NH
 Two Star Like UFO's Flicker and Abruptly Change Direction (MUFON)

 4/20/13 Bartlett, NH
 Hovering Bright White UFO (NUFORC)

 4/20/13 Barrington, NH
Mother and Son Spotted Two UFO's While Driving on Rte.125 (NHUFOR)

 4-17-13 Madbury, NH
 Starlike UFO Moving In Circles (MUFON)

 4-8-13 Franklin, NH
 Two Large Red Firelike UFO's Spotted in The Sky (MUFON)

 2-6-13 Warner, NH
 Symmetrical Light configuration Spotted In The Sky (NHUFOR) set=a.144417052380956.32832.143007602521901&type=1&theater

 2-5-13 Nashua, NH
 Diamond Shaped UFO Spotted From Exit 6 (UFO Sightings Report)

2-5-13 Merrimack, NH
 Formation Of Lights Over The Tree Line (NUFORC)

1-24-13 Portsmouth, NH
Cluster Of Lights Near Pease Tradeport (NUFORC) 

1-23-13 Nashua, NH
 Bright Green Fireball Spotted (NUFORC)

1-23-13 Londonderry, NH
Rectangular UFO Observed (UFO Casebook) 

1-1-13 Claremont, NH
Three Silent Orange UFO's Hover Over Witnesess (NUFORC)


12-31-12: Lodonderry, NH
Pair Of Reddish Orange UFO's (NUFORC)

12-28-12: Chester, NH
Bright UFO Witnessed Through Window By Couple (MUFON)

12-25-12: Concord, NH
"Flaring Gold Glowing Object" Spotted Flying And Hovering (MUFON)

12-24-12: Salem, NH
Three UFO Spotted Near The Moon (MUFON)

12-24-12: Manchester, NH
Two Sets Of Glowing Red Orange UFO's Spotted (MUFON)

12-23-12: Troy, NH
Disk Shaped UFO Over Cemetery (NUFORC)

12-22-12: Sanbornton, NH
Triangle Shaped UFO With Red Pulsating Light (NUFORC)

12-19-12: Pelham, NH
Glowing Moon Sized UFO Flies Across Sky Leaving Orange Streak (NUFORC)

12-16-12: Manchester, NH
UFO With Red Lights Observed and Filmed From The Highway (MUFON)

12-15-12: Manchester, NH
Large Blue UFO With Haze Streaks Through Sky (NUFORC)

12-12-12: New London, NH
 Large UFO With Red Lights Chased By Jets (NUFORC)

12-12-12: Hopkinton, NH
House Shook Large Round UFO And Military Jets Spotted (NUFORC)

12-12-12 North Conway, NH
Bright Loud Cylinder Shaped UFO Flying At High Speed (NUFORC)

12-12-12 Nashua, NH
Three Red Circular UFO's Spotted Over Downtown Nashua (NUFORC)

12-12-12- Bradford, NH
Jets Spotted Engaging UFO & Terrifying Noise Heard (MUFON)

12-12-12 Warner, NH
Military Jets Spotted Chasing Red UFO (MUFON)

12-11-12 Berlin, NH
Bright Light Illuminates Bedroom And Disconnects Phone Lines (NUFORC)

12-8-12 New Durham, NH
V Shaped Object In Photo Of Lake (NUFORC)

12-7-12 Pelham, NH
Photographer Captures Image of UFO in Photograph of the Sunset (C2CAM),-NH

12-6-12 New Durham, NH
Large Silent Rotating Disk With Lights (NUFORC)

12-3-12 Portsmouth, NH
Red/Orange Object Spotted through Window (UFO Stalker, MUFON) 3rd, 2012 Portsmouth,NH

11-29-12 Dover, NH
Large UFO Spotted Hovering By Commuters (NUFORC)

11-28-12 NASA TV
UFO Spotted Near International Space Station By NH Viewer (NUFORC)

11-17-12 Hooksett, NH
Couple Sees Flashes Of Light Then Triangular UFO (NUFORC)

11-17-12 Rochester, NH
Seven Flaming UFO's Spotted By Couple walking Dog (NUFORC)

11-16-12 Antrim, NH
Pulsating Color Changing Light Photographed (MUFON)

11-13-12 Portsmouth, NH
Large House Sized Object Floating near Traffic Circle (NUFORC)

11-13-12 Concord, NH
 Low Flying High Speed UFO With Spiral Object Behind It (NUFORC)

11-3-12 Rindge, NH
Spherical Lights Spotted In The Sky By Hunters (UFOs Northwest)

11-1-12 Newton, NH
 Bright White UFO Spotted above Tree Line and Flies Over Car (MUFON)

10-27-12 Tamworth, NH
Cylinder Shape UFO Seen Drifting In The Sky (MUFON)

10-24-12 Lisbon, NH
Witness Awoken By Bright Flashes In The Sky (MUFON)

10-20-12 Hampton, NH
 More Than 20 Orange Orbs Seen Over Hampton (NUFORC)

10-6-12 Salem, NH
 Bright Circular UFO Descends Hovers Then Shoots Off (NUFORC)

9-30-12 Dover, NH
 Silver Cigar Shaped UFO Spotted Near Pease Air force Base (NUFORC)

9-21-12 Planfield, NH
 Blueish Green UFO Spotted Flying Over RT. 12 (NUFORC)

9-21-12 Epsom, NH
 Silent White Oblong UFO Spotted (NUFORC)

9-11-12 Berlin, NH
 Bright Light Spotted On Moutain Top During The Day (MUFON)

9-11-12 Somersworth, NH
 Lighted Orbs Hovering In Line (MUFON)

9-9-12 Manchester, NH
 Star Like UFO's Spotted Rotating Around Each Other (MUFON)

9-5-12 Lee, NH
 Orb Floating Over West Mill Pond At Dawn (NUFORC)

9-2-12 Berlin, NH
 Large Orange UFO Moving East To West Observed By Five Witneses (NUFORC)

9-1-12 Lodonderry, NH
 White UFO With Orange Glow Observed By Three Witnesses (NUFORC)

9-1-12 Plaistow, NH
Orange UFO Spotted Flying Silently North (MUFON)


9-1-12 Bristol, NH
Bright Red Orange UFO Flying At High Speed And Hovering (NUFORC)

8-30-12 Dover, NH
Red Lights Seen Flying in Triangle Formation (NUFORC)

8-25-12 Henniker, NH
Orange UFO Spotted Flying West To East (NUFORC)

8-24-12 Nottingham, NH
Orange Ball of Light Rises Out of The Woods Above The Tree Line (NUFORC)

8-24-12 Hampton, NH
Seven Orange UFO's Spotted Flying Towards Portsmouth (NUFORC)

8-23-12 Lodonderry, NH
Blue Green Bullet Shaped UFO Seen Flying Towards The Ground (NUFORC)

8-20-12 Newport, NH
Silver Cylinder Shaped UFO Spotted Flying East To West (NUFORC)

8-20-12 Exeter, NH
Oval UFO Spotted on Rt. 111 (MUFON)

8-19-12 Plymouth, NH
Silent UFO With Colored lights and Strange Aura Spotted By Family (MUFON)

8-19-12 Hampton, NH
Reflective Cylinder Shaped UFO Spotted OverThe NH Coastline (MUFON)

8-18-12 Portsmouth, NH
Orange Eliptical Spheres Spotted Moving Across The Sky (NUFORC)

8-18-12 Epping, NH
Red Yellow Spheres Spotted By Eight Witnessess (NUFORC)

8-15-12 Nashua, NH
Two Cylinder Shaped UFO's Spotted from Rt. 3 (NUFOR)

8-7-12 New Hampton, NH
Object In Sky Visible In Daytine Photo Taken At Campground (NUFORC)

8-4-12 Exeter, NH
Formation Of Bright UFO's Spotted By Couple (MUFON)

8-4-12 Hampton, NH
Group of Red Orange UFO's Move Slowly Across The Sky Then Disappear (NUFORC)

7-25-12 Brentwood, NH
Reflective UFO Spotted Above The Tree Line On Rt. 101 (NUFORC)

7-17-12 Meredtih, NH
High Speed Cylinder Shaped UFO Video Taped (MUFON)

7-13-12 Nottingham, NH
Boaters on Pawtuckaway Lake Spot Orange Ball Rising Over Tree Line (MUFON)

7-7-12 Bristol, NH
Two Pairs Of Orange Orb Shaped UFO's Pass By (MUFON)

7-7-12 Tuftonboro, NH
Orange Orbs Observed By Family (MUFON)

6-13-12 Manchester, NH
Fast Moving, Color Changing UFO Spotted Over Manchester (NUFORC)

5-27-12 Thorton, NH
Bright Red Object Spotted Hovering And Moving In The Sky (NUFORC)

5-19-12 UFO Discovered In Photo of Mt. Washington (UFO Casebook)

5-11-12 Exeter, NH
Bright Shape Changing UFO Photographed and Observed By Two Witnessess (MUFON)

4-26-12 Rochester, NH
Couple Spots Flat, Rectangular UFO (MUFON)

2-12-12 Rochester, NH
15 Lights Spotted In The Clouds And Above The Tree Line (You Tube)

2-8-12 Rindge, NH
7:00pm Four Vertical Cylinder Spotted In The Sky (The Vike Factor)

1-19-12 Laconia, NH
7:32pm 6 Bright Orange Lights Spotted Over Lake Winnisquam (Witness Report)


12-31-11 Alton Bay, NH
 8:13pm Orange Spheres Spotted Flying Over Lake Winnipasaukee (NUFORC)

12-31-11 Exeter, NH
 Round Flame Colored Object Spotted Hovering Over The Tree Line (MUFON)

 12-30-11 Campton, NH
 10:30pm Strange Lights Spotted In The Sky (You Tube)

12-24-11 Laconia, NH
 8:30pm Red Orbs Spotted In Formation (Witness Report)

11-28-11 Troy, NH
 3:50pm Six Silent, brilliant lights in the Woods During the Daytime (NUFORC)

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